Introduction to the mindset

 It is the first time that I decide to write a blog and to be frank I do not know where is it all going to lead. Maybe letting it float by itself would be a good solution. A rhizomatic exposure of what is in my brain and what do I encounter. First of all I would like to point out a few things that I would like to keep in mind before I share on my experiences and thoughts:

     While having the specific background of finishing fine arts and functioning for almost six years in the Dutch system by paying taxes and being a ‘good citizen’ I can’t not point out the privileges and privileged context that I come from. Although I fall under the notion of a ‘migrant’ by leaving my home country at the age of 14 and traveling alone ever since, I guess my mind learned so well to morph with its surrounding making the way of ‘being withness’ a natural process that does not imply big sacrifices or superhuman effort to adjust to a new set of rules, a new culture, a new context. Plus the fact that I have a Romanian passport and a set of skills that could re insure my existence, it seems arrogant to go on and write something about someone else less fortunate situation. I am trying to be aware of this and this is also one of the reasons I came here; to explore and face my own brain in the relation to some present issues related to the “refugee crisis”. Also I had in mind making a small art project here. What will happen at the end is not clear for me at the moment so I will keep on working and see what comes out. It is unlikely that art could change the world but it can definitely reflect upon it and upon our ideas about it to then attempt to make it a much more humane place to live in. What is happening?  What can I do? What can I do to ease my own selfish fears and frustration on the situation? What are the ways that out systems work to solve themselves? What springs from this revolt? Are there solutions?

   It is very hard to find a balance between my curiosity and good intention with grave risk of falling into a ‘piggy-backing’ over or adding to someone else’s tragedy. This happens to individuals and all kinds of aid organizations, where the initial good intention turns into a contributor to the issue. A good explanation of how this works is the research and articles of Linda Polman where she describes in detail of how aid money falls into hands of some aid organizations that do not help to solve issues but literally contribute to the war by satisfying the agendas of donors, that ensure them these resources . “It’s a whole aid industry” Linda Polman says. One solution is in the transparency, awareness and conscious tracing and managing where this money is spent and who do we ensure our taxes to. It is still confusing for me of how this is possible to trace so I quit my job and with the money I saved I am now looking for a new way of working where I do not contribute to what seems to me a dysfunctional system that seems inevitably to be corrupt. Trying to focus my energy and my doings into direct help. In the present media overexposure of information and stories of “refugee crisis” it is often not helping and commemorating the victims but even insulting and making the situation even more complicated.