The Walking Thinker


  The Walking Thinker is Dinu's Alter ego; an intermediator between the personal and social body. It is a reanimation of stop-motion animation by using the reality as the background for the happenings.

   The little thinker travels through different culture zones, questioning authority and differences between eastern and western European value systems. Strange things happen to the little thinker in his encounter with children, dogs and snails. After all he is a stranger himself, an Other, which tries to find if and where he belongs.

   With this and other works Dinu opens our eyes for the understanding of differences, which might appear just like nuances. But it is too often that the more obvious can oppress the more delicate. The neolithic inspire statue of 2000 BC "The Thinker of Hamangia"



Site-specific stop-motion, Moldova , Netherlands, 2016

won the public choice award, Tent academy award, Rotterdam , Netherlands